DC Office of the Student Advocate

Spheres of influenceSuccess in public education is only possible through the inclusion of the voices of families in planning and decision-making. (Graphic: Epstein, J.L. (2009). Overlapping Spheres of Influence)

The DC Office of the Student Advocate supports and guides families in navigating the complexities of public education in the District of Columbia. In our work we offer support to students, parents, and families in their advocacy through parent education, one-on-one coaching, resource supports, and trainings in order to amplify the voices of families and communities in processes and decision-making; to provide avenues for access to resources and understanding systems; and to support the power families and communities already possess. We work in partnership to equalize the balance of power between families and schools by increasing family voice, access, and power in our system of public education in the District of Columbia.


It is an honor to lead this work as the Chief Student Advocate. More regarding the resources and supports our office provides to students and families in the District of Columbia can be found at studentadvocate.dc.gov.

Learn more about the office check out the About Our Office presentation or click on the other resources below:

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Office of the Student Advocate School Year 2016-17 Annual Report



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Office of the Student Advocate School Year 2015-16 Annual Report