Academic Scholarship: First Journal Publication

On January 29, 2017, I, along with my distinguished professor, Dr. Susan Sterett, and fellow PhD candidate, Nicole Dupuis, published an article entitled Administrative Law and Service: Learning Clients, Repetition, and Race in Administration & Society. This work was a great honor and huge step for my academic scholarship.

More regarding this journal publication can be found on Administration & Society  at

Journal Article Abstract: The public service mission of public administration programs invites rethinking the exclusive focus on federal court decisions in administrative law courses. In spring 2015, we worked together in a course on the legal environment for public administration. The course included elements of the standard administrative law syllabus as well as a service component. The class worked with a city on a project that required the class to gather information about civil liability, policing, and racial inequality. A service project allows deeper learning while upending expectations of education as absorbing material presented to students. We argue service projects can be part of administrative law courses.