The coalition is thriving…

The DC Mayoral Candidate Education Forum, hosted on October 22nd, was a HUGE success! The organization that I am president of (the Ward Five Council on Education), along with a host of dedicated community organizations (listed below), sponsored an engaging forum focused on education that was not only well attended but also allowed us to hear from each of the mayoral candidates on their education platform. If you were not able to make it never fear! The education forum is online for you to watch:

In addition to the forum, the mayoral candidates were asked to fill out a education questionnaire. All three mayoral candidates completed the questionnaire and you can read their responses at

It was truly an honor and pleasure to have sponsored the Mayoral Candidate Education Forum with such phenomenal organizations. I am grateful for our ability to continuously work in coalition with the following groups:

Also, click here to check out the Washington Post article about the event.

If you want to see some of the tweets from the forum, check out the hastag #EduDCision14.

This IS an election about education! We have to be informed and make the decision that is right for us. We MUST be prepared to step into the polls on November 4th ready to move our city forward.

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